Travel Agent 2021 Travel Marketing Plan


Why Plan?

Very few small travel businesses sit down at the beginning of the year to plan out their email marketing. There are loads of excuses…usually along the lines of ‘no time’ and ‘no resource’ or ‘don’t know how to’.

The truth is, if you don’t plan, you won’t be consistent in your email marketing. Consistency is what in the end works in marketing. Send random emails and you’ll find a less engaged audience and fewer new subscribers. Send consistent information-rich emails and you’ll grow your subscriber base ( the absolute best way to convert people into paying clients).

Why planning is especially important in 2021

2021 is not going to be without its challenges. While the vaccine is coming and will allow us to travel, it seems the scientists believe that we may still be able to carry the virus. That means there will still be quarantine rules, Covid procedures and other interruptions to the free travel we enjoyed pre 2020.

So in a word… it’s going to be a ‘bumpy’ year. Yes, we will be able to sell holidays and yes, people will travel. 

But what we need people to do this year more than any other year is to start planning early, be that for 2021 / 2022 or 2023 travel. We need the deposits but we also need it for sanity sake!

Our 2021 Email Plan

The idea behind our 2021 email marketing plan is to continue with the inspiration theme we employed with last year’s Armchair Travel series, not only to stimulate thoughts of future travel plans for when clients feel comfortable again but with the additional aim of gently encouraging them to take those tentative first steps towards making a forward booking.

At TMS, for clients using Marketing Manager, we will design, curate and write two emails each month, one long-form and one which is offers based. 

Monthly Long form Email Details: 

Each month we will feature an email with the subject heading:

 Wish you were here? 5 of our favourite places to visit during <month>

This serves to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise with a view to motivating readers to make enquiries for a future booking. Each email can be embellished with relevant live offers from Marketing Manager.

Monthly Offers Based Email Details:

The second email each month will be centred around the most relevant Marketing Manager operator offers of the month including a brief introductory paragraph. In these continuing uncertain times for travel, we advise steering away from the last minute ‘book now or miss out’ type of messaging as this more pressurised, hurrying tone is unlikely to be welcomed by discerning travellers. 

How our Email Template Service Works

We create templates each month for any business using our ‘Marketing Manager’ software. You can use these templates to copy and send to your own subscribers and if you want, embellish with any other personal details you wish.

The Marketing Manager Email Template creator can be used to add offers and then either send directly to your subscribers ( if you are subscribed to TravelMailPro) or you can import the HTML or URL into Mailchimp and other email software for sending.

Our Email ‘Done for You Service’

For businesses that don’t have the expertise or in house resource to be able to send out twice monthly emails we have a Covid price busting deal to do this on your behalf.

For £25 / per month + cost of TravelMail Pro Subscriber number we will send out your emails for you. We simply add the content we have written each month and send these emails for you. We set them up in plenty of time so you can login and make any amendments you want to make ( NB – you don’t have to make any!) and all emails are sent out from you with your branding. Your clients will think you’ve written these yourself so make sure that you and your staff read them !

If you want to set up a time to discuss this service – please get in touch here >

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