Follow the facts… and the logic, and travel will restart from June 2021

When will Travel Restart?

Travel Restart

For those of you who watched Amazing Hotels, Life Beyond the Lobby last night it was a reminder of what life was like travelling without masks. But also just how important hotels like Jade Mountain are to local communities. Built by hand with no machinery and employing over 500 local St Lucian’s to build the hotel and now local people to run it it is a beautiful and sustainable place.

Recent reviews demonstrate how travelling in the pandemic worked for a customer:

“We were most fortunate leaving the cold of UK winter and escaping to this tropical paradise for New Year just before total lockdown!! With all the concerns of traveling during a pandemic, should we still go? Would we get value for money? Would we feel we should wait and get the full package another year? Whilst I’m not going to keep mentioning COVID the way St Lucia and the hotel managed the whole scenario was nothing short of super in every way…”

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St Lucia gets 2/3rds of its income from Tourism. Imagine how hard life is for them now?

Facts like the dependency on Tourism and how well hotels, destinations, resorts and the whole travel and hospitality industry have responded to managing safety during the pandemic while enabling the businesses to continue are facts that we should keep a hold of.

So while the government refuses to give us all hope at the moment. While the messaging of 2020 was ‘ we will be out of this soon and you’ll be able to hug relatives at Christmas’ the messaging in 2021, now with a vaccine and falling rates of infection is “going on holiday is illegal’ – like we didn’t know.

But we do know from history that Governments can be very quick to change their messaging. Economic data is so tragic right now that at some point, it will start to take precedence.

When?, well – first some background

You know by now I love a graph!


At the rate we are vaccinating we will have 80% or herd immunity in the UK by May.

Looking at the chart above, UAE and Seychelles will get there before us.

Both those destinations are heavily dependent on tourism.

Let's see if I'm right?

So with the exemplary covid safe practises put into place by everyone in travel and hospitality, together with the stats above, logic tells me that something catastrophic that we don’t yet know about would have to take place to stop travel from June onwards to many places.

The government might not be saying it right now, but we should hold onto the facts and that logic to keep us going until then.

Let’s see if I am right!

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