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How to make money out of a Travel Website – Blog vs Travel Agency?

In these difficult times – it’s very easy to look at other businesses and wonder if they have not got a better business model to …

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Travel Agent

Is there a new Type of Travel Agent being born?

Introduction The Covid 19 pandemic not only shut down the travel industry, but also ended a number of travel agents businesses. But it wasn’t just …

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Apple vs Facebook

Apple vs Facebook Privacy Changes – how it affects Marketing & Advertising for small businesses

Apple has always been about customer privacy. In the latest IOS update, users will have to accept whether they want their activity tracked by Apps …

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Follow the facts… and the logic, and travel will restart from June 2021

When will Travel Restart? For those of you who watched Amazing Hotels, Life Beyond the Lobby last night it was a reminder of what life …

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A Time for some Spring Cleaning

What a difference a month makes I spoke to one of our clients this week and I thought he summed up where we are with …

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Travel Agent 2021 Travel Marketing Plan

Why Plan? Very few small travel businesses sit down at the beginning of the year to plan out their email marketing. There are loads of …

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Welcome 2021

Hurray – it’s 2021 , and yes, despite the recent lockdown (let’s face it, we all knew it was coming) I’m really looking forward to …

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2021 Email Marketing Trends and a Simple Travel Agent Email Plan to boost revenues

2020 Changes As they say in showbiz, that’s a wrap. Phew! we all got to the end of 2020.No, the news at the end wasn’t …

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Kit List: How to Record Business Quality Videos using an iPhone in just a few minutes

Kit List The key to getting good at videos is of course practise, but in my experience, making it as easy as possible to create …

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