Why Travel Agents Need To Go Deeper On Content Strategy

We’re a Media Company Now’: Inside Marriott’s Incredible Money-Making Content Studio

Marriott associates work together in the live studio. Mariott Skift Take: While the term “content strategy” means different things to different organizations one thing is certain: brands need to be thinking beyond surface level content creation and marketing and dive deeper into the overarching strategy guiding these efforts. — Matt Heidkamp No matter the organization, there is a rising focus on content strategy as a key building block in marketing and business development.

Source: Why Travel Brands Need To Go Deeper On Content Strategy

Net Effect Small Travel Business View: Whether you are smaller travel agent or tour operator, adding content to your website now goes a whole lot deeper than simply writing destination guides. Your content strategy has to set you apart from the competition and so help define the reasons why people will buy from you. This unique selling proposition is not a young term, but now that the gatekeepers in selling travel have been removed, the fight is on to ensure that your consumer does not simply reach for ( in Marriotts case – and in a small travel agent scenario – any online site based on price.

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