We Go Live as Travel Marketing Systems

We Go Live!

Changing our name from Net Effect was not just about a different look. It was as a result of months of agonisingly looking at our business and what we set out to do – what was our mission?

Our Mission

Our mission is to help specialist independent travel agents and tour operators thrive in an online world and grow their business. It’s about providing great value tools that will save you time and money to market your business and to have world class service to support you in your mission of building a great travel business.

Our Plans 

We have introduced 5 plans  to enable even the smallest of startups to use the tools we provide to boost their marketing and be able to compete more quickly and more effectively online. We also have a Start Up / Homeworker Plan to get you going for the first 12 months.

Free Plan

Above all – we are here to help you make a success of your business. Start by downloading our FREE 5 Step Marketing Plan

LateCards (Promote) becomes Marketing Manager

We have moved a long way since we first developed our platform for managing offers from Tour Operators. Of course Operators still add offers to the platform for you to use, but for the web marketing focussed users, the platform offers so much more.

We have developed our software so that you can manage content for your own marketing. That means, being able to add your own itineraries / events / products and any bespoke offers that you are working one on one with an operator on. 

It means you can create landing pages with different holiday types or destinations to show your product, or that of an operator, and then drive traffic to that page from social media.

It means that content you have is available to:

  • showcase on your website
  • create an email template in 5 minutes to send to subscribers
  • Show in store on a TV screen or at events on a screen or iPad
  • Post to Facebook and Instagram ( great for Instagram Stories)

It’s a simple content manager that you can use now to really target users at holidays that you want to sell.

So we thought Marketing Manager summed it up much better!

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