The simple way to book appointments


Appointment Scheduler

The simple way to arrange appointments

Let your leads and clients book appointments and confirm attendance at events right there and then with an online appointment booking system.

People are increasingly showing a preference for the convenience of booking appointments online. Our automated Appointment Scheduler is the cost effective solution. It makes life easier for you and your target audience, saving everyone time and increasing enquiries.

Increase enquiries

People prefer the convenience of being able to schedule appointments online rather than in person because it saves so much time and hassle. That’s why it will increase the number of new customers you attract compared to competitors sticking with a manual system.

The TMS Appointment Scheduler shows a live calendar which updates automatically. Customers can immediately see which appointments are available (for each member of staff if appropriate) and book one there and then for the time that suits them. 

It also connects with your Facebook ‘Book Now’ button.

No waiting for your office opening hours. No hanging on the phone. No emailing back and forth. No brainer.

Increase your efficiency

The TMS Appointment Scheduler saves you and your staff time too!

With less phone calls to answer and less emails to write in setting up appointments, you will have more time available for meeting clients, preparing quotes and marketing as well as less interruptions.

With automated notifications for confirmations, reminders and cancellations ‘no-shows’ and double-bookings are a thing of the past.

It syncs with Google Calendar to keep all your commitments neatly in one place (Office 365 Integration coming in September 2020).

Manage Event Sign-ups

Use the built-in ‘Events’ settings to allow clients to sign up for online or In-Store events such as Tour Operator evenings or Wedding Fairs. You can set how many ‘tickets’ are available to limit numbers and each of the attendees will be sent a confirmation email with full details and reminders.

Fully Customisable to suit your Business needs

The system is very flexible allowing you to set different appointment times for individual sites and staff members (including homeworkers). You can also offer different appointment types e.g. phone, in person or video call (sync with your Zoom account for managing link notifications).

You can also quickly add follow-up meetings or appointments made by phone or at a trade fair via the admin panel, so no appointment is missed from your calendar.