The Travel Marketing System

to your success

Regardless of the size of your business, marketing is key to your success. In fact it is the master skill of business.

Allan Dib puts it in a nutshell when he describes marketing as:

‘The strategy you use to get your ideal target audience to know you, like you and trust you enough to become a customer.’

Winning new customers is the lifeblood of your business. There are all sorts of marketing tactics you can deploy in an attempt to do this – SEO, email marketing, Facebook ads etc etc. But unless these actions form part of a considered marketing strategy they simply become random acts. With no synergy between sporadic attempts, these efforts can’t deliver the growth results you are looking for. You may even be thinking ‘marketing doesn’t work in my business’.

The Attract phase is the very first step of the marketing system. 

All businesses looking to grow need to have a process for attracting new prospects. Typically this will involve both offline and online marketing channels. 

Capture potential clients details (email) so you can Nurture them and get them to like your business.

Having got your processes in place to attract new leads, the next step of the marketing system is to capture their contact details in a database.

Nurture leads with inspiring content / expertise delivered through your website content and email marketing / social marketing. Use Testimonials to get them to trust your expertise.

Nurturing your leads is the process of taking people from being interested in you (as shown by them requesting a quote or signing up to your email marketing list) to wanting to do business with you when they are ready

Take your potential client, create an amazing professional quote to clearly demonstrate that you are the person they should buy from, and convert the sale.

You have worked hard to present your business in a way that conveys trust and confidence.

Instil loyalty and trust, gain testimonials and re-engage/nurture them to spread the word.

Every successful business is built on repeat bookings. Having invested heavily (whether in time, money or both) to secure a booking, the retain phase is all about delivering exceptional service and an exceptional experience to ensure that the customer has no hesitation in coming back