Boost your bookings for 2021 with these Virtual Itineraries

Read on for the most successful tactics you can employ right now to boost your sales for 2021

… and how we have done all the hard work for you by creating 2 amazing itineraries that EVERYONE will enjoy.

The tactics below are FREE - if you have a free incentive that potential clients would be happy to receive then use these tactics to help you carefully craft a winning sales formula for 2021. If Not, we have 2 Amazingly carefully crafted itineraries to delight anyone 

These carefully curated, experience packed Virtual Itineraries will boost existing customer sales, create referrals and enable you to supercharge your email list with new potential clients by using our simple to use FREE marketing tactics

We have 3 General Tactics – to increase sales to existing clients/subscribers, to get your clients to refer you and to get new subscribers who have never bought from you before. Of course, you can have fun within each of the sections thinking up lots of ways to capture peoples interest.

These are all tried and tested tactics to boost sales and are used by some of the most successful companies in the world. And the good news…. they are NOT expensive to put into place. 


Why you Need to Employ These Tactics Now

People have not been able to travel in 2020.

They have instead become used to Zoom Quizzes and Drinks with friends. Museums and Art Galleries, West End shows, cocktail masterclasses and lots more have all gone online. 

But that is all set to change 

2021 is an important year – as it looks like the world will get back on track and people will once again be able to travel.

But you have a big task ahead of you

Once travel opens up, the competition will be huge. Consumers are savvy and as we all know, sometimes not as logical as we would like. 

Consider this statement – do you recognise it?

" We just wondered if you could help us .... we booked this special offer we saw in the newspaper but they can't arrange 'x' for us, can you help as our trusted agent"

'Loyal' Customer

Reminding clients to book their next holiday through you may not be something that you have ever contemplated doing before.

If you have not been emailing throughout the last few months some clients may even have thought you’d stopped trading – after all, the Press has been full of the stories of travel companies either failing or struggling financially.

You will probably not have been as ‘visible’ over the last few months and you certainly will have spent money on marketing with no one able to travel. So your normal ‘bank’ of new customers, who come across you each year in your marketing, won’t be in a queue right now to buy from you because you have not been visible.

So whether you are a new business or an old established one, you need to make sure that you get your visibility up there as quickly and effectively as you can.

and what do you sell…?


…and so giving a gift / selling a Virtual Itinerary ( with a voucher against a future holiday to compensate for the payment) / providing an e-book that your clients can send to their friends and family / creating a lead magnet for your website is THE most successful tactic you can employ right now to boost your sales for 2021


Boost Sales​ from your Existing Subscribers and clients

Chances are you have not been marketing as much as you could have done this year. That could be through simply not having the time, or not feeling it was the right time to not knowing how to market a product ( a holiday) that you couldn’t sell.

Whatever the reason, and even if you have been in contact with them, NOW is the crucial time to start to warm them up to ensure that the FIRST person that they choose to call when looking to book their next holiday is YOU

…. and sending them an email telling them you have some offers is only going to get them thinking that there are offers to be had ( the general population will believe that the travel industry will have endless supplies of offers after such a bad year, when in fact the opposite is probably more correct) 

What Should You do? 

First of all, decide how you want to get yourself in front of them. How can you get their attention?

Well, guess what, they have not been able to travel this year too. And it looks like the Christmas season will similarly not be a time to travel.

What are you expert in? Travel – putting together itineraries, booking hotels, advising on the best your operators to use etc. etc. Except you have not been able to do any of that this year. So now would be a great time to remind your client and subscriber list what a great travel planner you are 

You can do this by using our virtual interactive itineraries, packed full of expertise and interesting activities to do at home as well as a virtual tour around New York or Edinburgh.

Created as an e-book it makes an ideal gift for your clients.


Tactic 1: Sell Itineraries

Attach a price and sell the e-itinerary to your clients and subscribers. For example – sell the PDF for £35 and include a £35 Voucher that is redeemable against their next holiday.

Bonus: You get some much-needed cash in the door now with the guarantee that the person buying the e-book will return in 2021 to book their holiday and get their refund😀

Bonus: Customer is happy – they get a free e-itinerary to read/use as they can get a refund when they book their holiday😀

Tactic 2: Give away as a Gift

Free stuff grabs people’s attention! It hooks them in and what have they got to lose?

You already have the details for these people, be they, clients or subscribers.

What you are trying to do is encourage them to book their holiday in 2021 with you. So give them the itinerary as a Christmas Gift – or include it in an Advent Calendar of Gifts you can promote throughout December ( perhaps ask some suppliers for other gifts to ‘give away’).

What will your Subscribers Gain? Your subscribers will really appreciate the time and thought you have put into this gift. They understand they can’t travel and so will be delighted to receive a ‘virtual’ trip. They will get an interesting 22 page packed PDF of how to enjoy 2 days in New York or Edinburgh at Christmas / New Year.

What will you Gain? A way to show off your expertise and cement your role as their trusted travel advisor.

Extra?: Think about including a voucher for the receiver to book with you in January – Pick an item off the Itinerary e.g. The Smoked Salmon and say all bookings in January are sent The Smoked Salmon as a Gift when they book.

Boost Referral Sales​

That age-old problem that Travel Agents face – how to get clients to refer their services. It’s easy to refer a product ” Hey I found this great product on Amazon….you should check it out”. It’s much harder for a client to refer your professional services unless they are asked.

And that’s the difficulty – you can’t rely on people asking your clients to refer you. Of course, you can make sure that your clients know that referrals are important to you ( but then people also like to keep certain good things under wraps!)

So what better way to encourage referrals than  to provide a Free Itinerary for them to send to their friends. 

Think about whether you can include a voucher for booking before a certain date? How about a Bottle of Champagne sent to the client who refers the new customer?


Referrals are some of the strongest marketing tactics you can employ. Getting an already happy customer to promote your services validates your expertise and service. 

Using a FREE Gift such as an Itinerary to help spur your clients to refer you can easily gain you new customers. Just think – if 100 people on your database sent the itinerary to a friend and you converted 5% into paying customers each spending £5,000 

Providing a landing page on your website such as the one on the left for your clients and subscribers to share with their friends makes email collection easy

Build your Email List & Boost New Customer Bookings for 2021​

A Virtual Itinerary can be used as a ‘Lead Magnet’ to enable you to gain new email subscribers to market your services to.

A lead magnet is an incentive that marketers offer to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information. Lead magnets usually offer a piece of digital, downloadable content, such as a free PDF checklist, report, eBook, whitepaper, video, etc


Don't worry if you have not even done email marketing before - we have you covered for that as well (email marketing suite here >), and if you haven't, now is the time because your email list is your golden asset. Email - is THE most powerful marketing system you can use. Forget social media, 90% of organic social posts don't even get seen - compare that to email open rates of 25- 40% and you can see the benefits of email over anything else you do. And it's FREE and not susceptible to algorithm changes that social media companies make.

We all know that email lists are THE most important asset you can build for your business. Your email list will outperform all other forms of marketing ALL THE TIME

We also know that travel brands all over the world, from TripAdvisor to Cruise Critic, will do everything they can to get an email address. WHY? So they can persuade the subscriber to buy. 

You don’t have to have the same tactics as those large Online Travel Agents, but you sure do have to build a list. In fact, it is THE only thing you can do now that having a High Street Store does not create new customers.

The problem Travel Agents have with Building Email Lists

As a small niched travel agent or homeworker, you are competing against the big Online Travel Agents for a users attention.

If you are Secret Escapes or Travelzoo, the only way that users can access your content is to ‘sign up’ – hand over an email address to get to see deals.

This is THE SINGLE THING that has built those businesses into the huge online travel agents they are.

Smaller agents typically don’t have the budget or resource to be able to manage a website that restricts users access to gain an email address.

So what can you do?

Providing virtual itineraries as ‘lead magnets’ is one of the simplest and most successful ways to build your email list ( lead magnet = a method for exchanging a free resource for an email address that you can then market to)


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Preview sample New York Itinerary

These detailed itineraries include 

Preview sample Hogmanay Itinerary

These detailed itineraries include 

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