Marketing Manager

Marketing Made Simple

With the TMS Marketing Manager you can create winning marketing material in minutes. Use the system to share your message across every channel in just a few clicks and make sure your customers are always the first to hear about their favourite special offers and promotions.

The software automatically creates all the marketing assets you require and all you have to do is Post / Print / Email your selected promotions. It’s #marketinginminutes

TMS Marketing Manager is powered by a content library of special offers and promotions from all your favourite operators. Rather than the hit and miss approach of ploughing through the countless Tour Operator emails piling into your inbox, you can simply search the database to find the offers your target audience would love to hear about.

Use TMS Marketing Manager to share these offers quickly and easily via your website, social media accounts, email and even offline displays such as window posters and TV screens. Using templates customised for your business, the system automatically takes care of the formatting and branding for you, enabling you to create eye-catching, professional content that converts.

Want to add your own offers, promotions or package? No problem! That’s easy to do too and a really great way to stand out from your competition.

The TMS Marketing Manager is powered by a content library of special offers and promotions from all your favourite operators. Using the search, your website visitors will love being able to find the most relevant special offers and promotions.

Create slick social media posts that drive visitors to your website.

The TMS Marketing Manager automatically formats offers ready for posting on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, complete with your own message. Linked to your website, these posts drive enquiries and win new customers. 

Email marketing

Use the TMS Marketing Manager Email Template to create professional marketing emails ( or select pre written templates from Tour Operators to save time) that convert. Simply click to select the offers you would like to promote, add your own message and let TMS Marketing Manager do the rest. The mobile responsive format makes sure they look good on every device.

For tv & digital devices

Create an impressive scrolling screen display of your chosen offers by connecting to your TV screen in-store. You can also do the same on a laptop or iPad to create interest at a trade show or event. Creating some very special honeymoon offers to display on screen at your next Wedding Fair is sure to grab attention.

For Perfect Window Dressing

Attract passers by with a professional window display of great offers printed directly from the TMS Marketing Manager System. Choose the best last minute deals from your local airport or select a holiday type to create a themed window (e.g., Ski, Winter sun, Cruise, Adventure etc). Using The Marketing Manager is so quick and simple to use you will enjoy creating fresh displays that get you noticed.

*NEW* QR Codes

All printed posters and TV Screens now incorporate QR codes so passers by can scan the code, find out more details on your website for the offer, and make an enquiry. 

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