Lead Magnets

Grow your email database with lead ( customer) magnets

What Is A Lead Magnet

It is difficult to get a website visitor to give you their email address unless they want to enquire about a holiday. But most visitors are not ready to make that enquiry until they know more about you and what better way to tell them than with a series of ‘drip’ emails telling them your USP and precisely why you are the travel business to book through.

Lead Magnets are generally ‘free’ resources that you can provide to a website visitor to persuade them to give you their email address. Lead Magnets typically take the form of e-books, checklists and similar downloadable information that helps a website visitor for free, in exchange for their email address.  

It is a great way of proving your expertise while capturing their email address.

How do they work?

Typically on any page you include a Call to Action (CTA)

Example: A website visitor visits a page on your website about Indian Ocean Holidays. What CTA could you use?

In the example here we have included 3 different CTA’s you can use:

(a) Large banner Call to Action to get the guide

(b) An inline form that you can add into your content as below

(c) A permanent banner at the bottom of the page ( see bottom of this page)

(d) Share links on social media for instant access once email has been provided – e.g.this link 

2. The Call to Action asks the user to add their details

3. The user is emailed a link to the lead magnet ( guide) 

4. Kickback email: The kickback email is set to send a follow up message / sequence of messages a short while after the lead magnet is provided. This email campaign starts a conversation with the lead to keep them engaged with your business.

NB: For content – every blog you write has the potential of being turned into a lead magnet as we did with this example on Choosing an Indian Ocean Island Getaway.

Lead Magnet Ideas to try for your travel business

  1. The mini e-book | This could be a destination Guide like the example on this page / or holiday type guide
  2. The Ultimate Guide: e.g.  Ultimate Holiday Packing List
  3. The Checklist: A Packing List
  4. The Secret: Our Guide to Secret Places in … [Greece], [France] etc.

What to do now?

Try out any of the 3 Calls To Action on this page to see this in action

Price / Upgrade to Email Marketing

Per Month


  • Website Pop Ups / Calls to Action linked to your Lead Magnet(s)
  • Link to your email list to schedule Drip Sequence Emails
  • Custom Domain - e.g.
  • We can turn your Content into a Smart PDF with your branding from £95 per resource