How Travel Brands Squeeze Value Out of Crowdsourced Social Campaigns

All the big boys are now starting to look to use social media effectively to engage with their customers. They are trying to star a conversation, which has historically been  very difficult to do.

The danger for smaller travel companies and travel agents is that the big companies succeed by investing time in learning how to best to talk to their customers. In days gone by only smaller, nimble, more personal businesses could succeed in having a proper conversation with customers.

What impact on sales will it have when a potential client can have a very personal one to one discussion with a large business such as British Airways either by web chat, twitter or facebook messaging. Will the customer still want to make the effort to call their local agent?

The big boys are investing big time in social media, the smaller guys need to be one step ahead and work out how they can remain the most personal point of contact for their clients.

via How Travel Brands Squeeze Value Out of Crowdsourced Social Campaigns.

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