Travel Agents – How to write Great Headlines for SEO

Everyone skim reads these days and used to skim reading ipads and mobile devices for catchy headlines. Writing a great headline is the only way that you have any chance of your content being read and so spending time on a great headline is a really important element to your blog/seo work.

But getting guidance on what works and what doesn’t work as a headline has been tricky to the majority of website owners. Travel Agents are too busy selling holidays to spend hours looking at the headline to their blog post.

But help is at hand!. I came across this great free resource to help you write great headlines at CoSchedule. Applying their free and easy tool to the headline of this post I managed to increase my chances of this post being read by anyone as shown from 66 up to a potential 73

What some of you will notice is that by adding the words “Travel Agent” my score decreased from 73 to 68. This is a good example of how it is still important to use human common sense with tech. My audience are travel agents and so whenever I write posts I try and include the words Travel Agent as my target audience is most likely to use these words when searching for articles online.

For agents wishing to improve their blog marketing ability then using CoSchedule to manage your post schedule, or simply their free tools to help you is well worth trying – and their tips for success online are well worthwhile too!


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