How does the Burberry Story affect you as a Travel Agent?

None of you will have missed that the big news of yesterday was that Angela Ahrendts, the CEO of Burberry was leaving to join Apple. The talk was not over where that might leave Burberry in terms of commercial success (though few will have wanted her departure), but more about why Apple wanted her and what would she bring, a fashion CEO, to a technology company.

It’s clear that Apple recognise that they must remain a Premium brand amidst the scrum of smartphone distribution globally. What better way to achieve this than grab the one person that is credited with achieving almost the impossible in her 7 year tenure at Burberry, turning around an ailing business and making a global phenomenon.

So what does Angela Ahrendts focus on for success? It’s simple, positioning the brand and engaging with employees and customers alike and using technology to do so. This video below is a must watch, in it the Burberry Chief talks about the importance of connecting with customers (for those of you that don’t know what Salesforce is, it is a CRM (customer relationship management platform) system. We have some ahead of the curve agents who have recently upgraded their internal systems to include the latest CRM systems (that start from only £8/user/month) and we are happy to help anyone with this. We believe it is crucial to success.

So how does this affect you? This is the future. This is about talking social. This is about connecting with clients. This is about your success. If Burberry NEEDS to be technologically at the forefront to succeed, what does this mean for travel where all consumption starts online in holiday search? Is the Burberry Chief saying it’s all about online? No, it’s about the blurring of lines.

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