Email Marketing

The highest ROI of any marketing channel

As a specialist travel selling business, email marketing is the sharpest tool in The Travel Marketing System. Whatever you think, your contacts DO want to hear from you! 

Email marketing is consistently proven to yield the highest ROI for businesses like yours and is therefore your number one priority when allocating resources to marketing.

Our integrated system makes sure you get it right.

TravelMail Pro

Every business needs a specialist Email Marketing System to professionalise and simplify the process of sending bulk emails. A proper system is the only secure way to make sure they don’t end up in spam and will aid  compliance with the necessary PECR regulations in conjunction with the Data Protection Act and GDPR.

TravelMail Pro is the perfect solution. This is because it is fully integrated across the Travel Marketing System portfolio meaning:

  • You’ll never miss another valuable lead
  • Managing marketing permissions and subscriptions is simple

NEW!!!! ‘Ready to Send’ Marketing Email Library for Travel Agents

Do you struggle to find the several hours needed to research and create inspirational, informative content for your marketing emails, edit it and then think up a compelling subject line to boost open rates? If the answer is ‘Yes’ and you are not sending out regular, inspiring and informative emails to your database, our brand new Marketing Email Library is for you!

Providing a complete ready-made 12 month Email Marketing Strategy for your business, you receive all the content you need to connect with your database on a regular basis. 

Automated Emails

Automated emails are a huge time saver and make sure you always get round to sending those important follow-up emails that help deepen the relationship with your leads. 

With Travelmail Pro, all you have to do is set up the email once and let the system do the rest. When certain preset conditions are met, the relevant email will be automatically sent to ensure relevant information is delivered at the right time, every time.

TMS Marketing Manager

Sending sporadic marketing emails is not an effective strategy for connecting with your audience. But finding the time to create eye catching emails with the engaging content your leads are looking for can be tricky to do on a regular basis. 

The email marketing function within our TMS Marketing Manager is the solution. With this virtual assistant, you can create consistent, professional emails your contacts will love in just a few clicks. 

Email Platform Comparison