Does Social Media Drive Travel Transactions

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 06.35.07A recent article in Travolution reported on recent comments by the Chief Commercial Officer at Expedia that Social Media does not drive transactions.

Saying that Social Media does not play a part in selling is an odd comment coming from such a large business as Expedia. Other reports in the news (    August 2013) that Expedia uses Social networks extensively for Customer Service clearly demonstrates that Expedia understands the value of social to interact with customers.

It’s odd that that the Chief Commercial Officer does not understand the relationship between good customer service and long term customer value, which ultimately leads to transactions. Of course social media is not like advertising channels in driving sales, but then the marketing world is changing into one of customer conversations to build long term loyalty. In such a competitive world as travel, I would have thought Expedia recognised this as a key differentiator.

For all businesses in 2013 the playground is all about having conversations with customers, not just flogging them stuff, they are mostly through with that style.

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