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To help independent, specialist travel businesses thrive in the online world by making marketing software more accessible and relevant to their needs.

To help independent, specialist travel businesses thrive in the online world by making marketing software more accessible and relevant to their needs.

We are a specialist company of Travel Industry experts providing affordable, digital solutions to amplify your marketing and grow your travel business.

TMS was founded in 2011 as Net Effect by travel expert and technophile Steve Rushton and is proud to support the UK’s top specialist Travel Agents. As an owner of several small businesses himself, Steve recognised early on that smaller businesses risked getting crowded out in the rapid technological revolution due to the lack of in-house resource needed to evolve.

So, Steve gathered a team and applied his business skills and expertise to create software solutions designed specifically for the needs of small, independent travel businesses.

The product range has now grown from Content Feeds and Website Design to a full marketing toolkit designed to smooth each step of the customer journey from lead generation to repeat customer. We changed our name to Travel Marketing Systems in 2020 to better represent our full offering.

We provide specialist software to make your marketing quicker and smarter, enabling your travel business to grow.

We have translated powerful technology into a unique Travel Marketing System designed specifically for the needs of smaller travel businesses. It’s

  • Affordable
  • Quick to set up
  • Easy to Use
  • Fully integrated
  • Customised for travel

From attracting new leads and nurturing them through to repeat customers, our complete digital toolkit works as your Virtual Marketing Assistant, helping to delight prospects and build trust through

  • Great website design and Tour Operator content
  • Engaging marketing campaigns across all channels
  • Professional quotes that convert
  • Deeper customer relationships
  • Timely automated communications
  • Customer testimonials

We work closely with all our clients to enhance their online presence and propel their business growth, providing full training and friendly ongoing support to ensure success.

We are driven by a love of tech, travel and specialist small businesses for their passion, expertise, attention to detail and customer care. We strongly believe small travel experts are going to become increasingly more important to consumers as the trend for more adventurous experiences continues to grow together with the enhanced need for reassurance in a post Covid-19 world.

However, as a small business the odds are inevitably stacked against you. In the main, people tend to distrust small businesses they don’t know about. How do you convince a prospective customer that you’re a reputable company with a lot to offer and not a fly-by night?

Whilst some enthusiastic customers may take the trouble to do in-depth due diligence on you and conclude that you are trustworthy and provide great service, many will not go to that length. They will take a quick look and judge you by your cover. That’s why people play it safe by dealing with a large company. They know it may not be the ultimate experience but they are reassured by knowing it won’t turn out to be awful either. This is especially true of holidays which are both a large financial and emotional investment.

That’s where we come in..

Our software levels the playing field. Now it is quicker, easier and cheaper for small travel businesses to access the technology used by large businesses to position and present themselves correctly at every step of the customer journey.

From great looking, customer focussed website design with automated content feeds, appointment schedulers and testimonials to easy-to-use templates for creating professional marketing communications and customer quotes, our integrated system is the inexpensive solution to generating the trust and credibility that will enable you to compete.

Not only will our tools help customers to see at a glance that you are trustworthy and provide great service without leaving anything to chance, but they will help you run your business in a more efficient manner too.