A Time for some Spring Cleaning

What a difference a month makes

I spoke to one of our clients this week and I thought he summed up where we are with Covid 19

In December 2020 we could hear clients talking about wanting to book holidays

In January 2021 – we can see them at the door

…hopefully by March 2021 they will feel happy to come through the [metaphorical] door.

It can still feel incredibly painful and these are still unsettling times. But as my client indicated, we know that there is pent up demand – it’s partly a waiting game ( until people feel safe to book), but it’s also a great time to do some spring cleaning ( because who ever has a chance to do that in a normal year!)

Muster Positivity - it'll pay off

The one good thing about these unsettling times is that the difficulty we most commonly hear sited as the thing holding businesses back in marketing has been solved! ‘Not enough time’ is no longer an issue so the most proactive thing we can do is to muster our positivity and put this unwelcome free time into action. You will be so glad you did later. 

  1. Write a small marketing plan – month by month. Try to project forward based on your booking patterns as to how busy you might be and how you will manage the enquiries.
  2. Ensure that you get the enquiries! For sure there will be discounting and intense competition this year and next. 

How can you be sure that you will get the enquiries and bookings?


7 Actions You Can Take To Boost The Effectiveness of Your Email Marketing

An easy win to start the ball rolling is to give your email list a spring clean. It doesn’t cost you any money to do this and you’ll reap the rewards with more targeted emails to ensure you stay ‘top of mind’ for any subscriber on your list to book their next holiday.

  1. Quality not quantity counts here so don’t be afraid to delete any old addresses gathering dust. If you’ve got a really big list not showing much engagement for example, maybe you could reduce the size and save some money on your email system at the same time.
  2. Make sure your list is up to date  – have you added all your booking contacts? what about enquiries? 
  3. Refresh your GDPR compliance. Check privacy statement. Make sure your permissions are up to date.
  4. Review your email capture systems. Is every enquiry as well as bookings making it on your list? Do you need to train staff to get this process in motion? Next week will talk in more depth about lead capture systems.
  5. Should you be segmenting? Emails are great, targetted emails are even better. Clients and Enquiries should be distinguished between. Do you have a VIP list you could create from your top bookers that you may want to send separate offers to? Are they couples or families? You don’t want to risk sending a honeymoon email to your family bookers! 
  6. Delve into the help pages of your email marketing system to understand it better. e.g. Can you create drip campaigns to save time? here’s how to do it on our system.
  7. Design drip campaigns for Welcome emails, honeymooners, etc 

If you need help with Email marketing – drop us a line. We provide everything from an email marketing system, to monthly templates and a ‘Done for You Service’ at only £25/month where we will manage your email marketing for you. That’s a whole heap cheaper than employing someone direct.

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