Welcome 2021

Hurray – it’s 2021 , and yes, despite the recent lockdown (let’s face it, we all knew it was coming) I’m really looking forward to 2021.


For one – It is not going to be as bad as 2020! 

We all hope the vaccine will return us to normal, but the reality is that we are going to have to live with the shadow of Covid for some time. 

So what does that mean for you and why can you look forward to 2021?

People will want reassurance to navigate travel once again. They will want an expert to help them who knows the rules
  • What countries are ok to travel to
  • What tour operators have the best ( most flexible)  booking policies 
  • What happens to my holiday if I get a Covid symptom?
  • What happens if the country I’m visiting gets locked down and how will I get home
  • Are you available 24/7 to help me ?

These are all reasons your business exists. You don’t sell a commodity – you sell expertise. 

2021 is the year of the travel expert. 

So what do you need to do to make the most of the opportunity?

  1. You need to make sure that your ‘unique value proposition’ is clear for everyone to see in all your marketing – in your website and social media, in all your messaging. Without this, you’ll miss some sales. 

  2. Make a simple marketing plan for the year – for your existing database and new clients, they need different messaging ( so segmenting your email list to be able to do this is really important)

  3. Make a plan about how you are going to be consistent in your marketing. It’s consistency that wins the day. 

and if you need any help….please reply straight back to me, I pick up and read all replies ( as you know!) and am always happy to offer some free advice.

Books I’m Reading….

These are great bedtime reading books – not about travel, but will help you look at how to run your business smarter. With everyone in start up mode, with less staff, finding ways to be more productive can only be a good thing! Click on the images for a free sample.


Youtuber I just started following..

Ali Abdaal is a full time NHS doctor and has built over 1 million subscribers on Youtube – find out how he can be so productive ( and tips you could take on ) by clicking below

So here’s to 2021!

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