What software tech do travel business owners need to succeed?

So when I woke up this morning I thought the world had turned upside down.

At the weekend, my butcher in the local farm shop told me he had invested £10,000 in cryptocurrencies. If cryptocurrency mania has reached butchers in farm shops I’m too late I thought…. stick with the £££’s

Then this morning I read a tweet that a VC firm I follow, incredibly well respected firm and very successful, had invested in  –  a game centred around breedable, collectible creatures they call CryptoKitties. Because they are built on blockchain technology each cat is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.

OK I thought – so someone came up with an idea to sell virtual kittens and some people might buy them ( I still can’t work out why but then I’m probably too old to). It now turns out that the reason Andreessen Horowitz    invested is because people sell these kittens for a profit.

From techcrunch

” People are spending a crazy amount of real money on the game. So far about $1.3M has been transacted, with multiple kittens selling for ~50 ETH (around $23,000) and the “genesis” kitten being sold for a record ~246 ETH (around $113,000). This third party site tracks the largest purchases made to date on the game. And like any good viral sensation prices are rising and fluctuating fast. Right now it will cost you about .03 ETH, or $12 to buy the least expensive kitten in the game.

So now we have people using Ether, an asset with arguably little tangible utility – to purchase an asset with unarguably zero tangible utility. Welcome to the internet in 2017″


So what do Travel Business Owners Need?

If the margins were bigger, then maybe travel business owners would be interested in buying and selling and breeding cryptokitties. But for the time being, we recommend focussing on tangible technology that will help your business grow.

For this we mean:

  1. A responsive website
  2. Holiday Search – research shows that having a ‘tool’ such as a holiday search tool helps keep users engaged with your site and more likely to make an enquiry
  3. Email Marketing Software
  4. Marketing Automation Software
  5. a CRM – Customer Relationship Manager, to keep track of enquiries, create quotes and manage clients
  6. a booking system
  7. an accounting system ( because the booking systems don’t do the whole job)


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