Nelio – Content | A great editorial calendar alternative to Coschedule – & less expensive

Managing your content creation and social posting strategy can be a headache! In fact, it can be a disaster if you con’t properly plan and manage your social post and content creation properly. Want to know why magazines are successful? It’s because they have a regularity to their approach. If The Travel & Leisure magazine only produced content sporadically and only printed a magazine when it felt like it …. it would not have a business.

(Note: back in the day when Travel Agents were gatekeepers and consumers had to book their holidays through them then this was not an issue – but all travel brands including Marriott have to be their own publishers now if they are to survive)

If you are an organised type and don’t like spending money then of course the free way to plan and manage your content creation is by using Google Sheets or excel to create a calendar and then type in the relevant planning content. Once you had posted your content you could then separately use your social media profiles to social post your blog. It’s time consuming but Free

CoSchedule has been the go to plugin for scheduling content and social posts and is a very good piece of kit. However, with that comes a price and the thing that keeps many smaller businesses is yet another monthly amount to pay for if they only produce say 4 pieces of content a month. The $30 a month price tag is expensive for this – making each blog post cost $7 if you only post once a week ( which is not unusual for small businesses)

Nelio Content  appears to be a new kid on the block. Not only does it do what CoSchedule does, but there is a free version with only one social channel connected ( so if your main social channel is Facebook then you can connect it to this ) but for $7 a month ( that’s the same as the cost for one blog post in CoSchedule in the above example) you get the Pro Version with 10 social profiles connected.


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