Getting started with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your travel website

It’s true that very few commercial travel sites do SEO very well. Why this is depends on so many factors that I won’t go into in this blog post but will come down to the strategy that the business developed. As surprising though it may seem, SEO is not always the number one activity that owners of travel businesses want to spend their marketing money on.

There is no doubt though that the future of travel ( and we are not talking the airbnb’s and homeaway’s of the world here) is building niched specialist businesses. This is not confined to travel, the way that Google is heading, the only way to be able to build any successful business online ( unless you are VC bankrolled) is by being the expert. It will be the experts that win in the end.

Expert Travel Agents

I can hear your virtual sigh of relief at this point. For those of you having been in the travel business for sometime, the one thing that you will pride yourselves on is your expertise – indeed it is the very reason you exist and why  your repeat and recommended marketing works so well.

So this post is for all you experts with a niche to sell. SEO is the method used to get your content ( or expertise) recognised by search engines. We have a whole section on SEO in our whitepaper – Travel Agent Marketing BluePrint but it is also useful to see some external sources.

Rand Fishkin who started is an authority on SEO – read their Beginners Guide here to start your journey to writing better SEO content

For those of you who don’t see why content matters – check out Jeff Bullas who compiled an excellent infographic which we share below. So before you do anything with SEO – start creating content and then follow the guidelines to ensure that your content works for keywords.

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