Reverse Marketing for Independent Travel Agents

I was driving through Wandsworth in South London last weekend and passed this sign before coming upon an “Oddbins” wine merchant shop:

“Messrs Cowell, Morgan and Kyle have never frequented this Oddbins Store, don’t let your name be added to this”

What’s great about this? Well, you have to read it twice to get it, it’s anti celebrity (which makes a nice change), and makes you want to go into the store because they appear to have a sense of humour (and by virtue of going into the store, you aren’t a ***** as the store clearly thinks these people are, without saying so.

I was then sent a link to one of the best high end product sites for leather bags I’ve seen in a while. OK – hold on, this is nothing about travel agents right? Wrong – watch this video below to find out why this has everything to do with getting across the message of Independent Travel Agents, but in a really accessible way. (For those of you that don’t understand what this is all about – for a free report on getting your travel agent marketing right – click here


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