Google Analytics – the most important 15 minutes of your day

For those of you new to using Google Analytics it is the backbone to everything that you do online. If you have a website then you need to read Google Analytics every day, if you use Social Media, you will want to embed into Google Analytics and if you do email marketing (and everyone does email marketing) then you will want to track your success with Analytics.

Google has recently released new improvements to analytics to help you better understand the audience you have, what their interests are, their age and what they are looking at to help you improve your web marketing. This is crucial stuff and every travel agent should be looking at their website stats to better understand what drives traffic to their site and what that traffic is interested in.

The in page analytics allow you to see exactly what areas of each page a user clicked on. What is (probably not unsurprisingly) changing is how users are expecting content to be live and instant. We have seen a trend with this site of ours that now shows that 1 in 7 visitors clicks on the “live chat’ button. Not everyone talks to us but many are interested to see if we are around and we have certainly seen a spike in people using live chat. Analytics will help us better understand those people journeys to better understand their needs.


Analytics is free to learn – just dive right in and start to understand your business better. Click here to access the Academy

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