Learning the tips and tricks of Twitter for Travel Agents

As a qualified Chartered Accountant even though I don’t practice accountancy I have to maintain my membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountant in England and Wales (ICEAW) by engaging in Continual Professional Education. Having qualified 20 years ago this has always been part of my make up that I have to continue learning and probably Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 10.57.05was one of the reasons why I found it relatively easy to change paths in my career from Chartered Accountant to CEO of a Tour Operator to qualified Chef and then CEO of a travel tech business.

Going back 20 years it was only possible to learn by attending evening and weekend classes at times that suited tutors. The internet  has made access to learning so much easier and for travel agents running their own business, the rapid change in the way that customers now transact means that you simply have to start to learn how to deploy new marketing techniques to win new business.

Lots of people I talk to tell me that Twitter does not work for them. In nearly every case this is because in general they have decided not to engage in social media – or online conversations to put it another way. For the guys that it does work for, it’s because they have decided to look at social media and see how it can help their business. There is not one size fits all and so every person will use it slightly differently. One thing is for sure though – your customers are using online channels to talk, so you should be.

Mindsy is a new online learning site with a number of free videos to watch. You’ll find one on mastering Twitter for business below – it only takes 2 hours in total split into 17 lessons so even those of you who have not been learning for a while can manage this in bite size pieces.

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