SEO Tactics for Companies

Watch out, the world is moving fast. Only last year I wrote a post about how a respected SEO agency was advising clients to ignore social media. At the same time I met up with an independent SEO specialist who described their job as ‘a link builder’. Could SEO really be as easy as link building? Did we all really think that Google could be beaten by savvy link builders to beat their algorithms?
The good news is of course that Google is on the case and developing ways of integrating influential users via all channels, including social media, in ranking authority. There will always be blips in the development of Internet marketing and a few savvy people will make some money. The danger is that traditional companies will believe those agencies that sell their services based on ‘beating google’. They will spend ‘000’s hoping that sem magic Internet savvy guy will be the answer to their prayers and make marketing as easy as it was in the last century.
All businesses need to look at their customer base and work out how they should attract and retain these people. Social media is going to be an enormous part of the process and companies will start to have conversations rather than ‘shout’ marketing. For the time being there are plenty of opportunities to find new business, and SEO while always important is no a panacea. A reasoned and budgeted approach to building businesses is the right approach, not throwing money in the direction of Internet marketers that claim they will solve all your problems.Why the Search Marketing Industry Must Adapt or Perish


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